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CZ Micro Pave Square/Rectangular Pendant/Connector/Jewelry Link Connector, 38x18mm, SKU#F276

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Material: Copper and Cubic Zirconia
Size: 38.3x18.5mm
Thickness: 7.8mm

Description: Delicate, enchanting Cubic Zirconia Paved Pendant with deep, saturated, glorious coloration! This pendant is square shaped and paved with either Ruby red or Cobalt blue or emerald green or Amethyst purple. The copper settings are plated with sterling silver. The CZ beads are fully paved on the front side, bright and glossy like diamond.

Usage: This pendant has slots(holes) on the 4 sides of square all over (see the 3rd picture for detail). Myriad ways for using it, from pendant to connector on pendant to tassel cap. It's fairly easy to use, you can tie two strands or multi-strands to any of the slots on the sides.
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*Lead Free & Cadmium Free & Nickel Free*

*All sizes are approximate

***Please conv. me if you need quantity discount.Note: For Gemstone beads, the hole size is approximate. For smaller size beads e.g., 2mm, 3mm, hole size is less than 1mm.